Easy to follow Instructions

Easy to follow Instructions

Twisted Clay Studio's Ruthie Schulz provides clear and detailed instruction that's easy to follow!

Free Lessons on the

Free Lessons on the "Basics" of Wheel Thrown Pottery

Our free content includes the "basics" that every Potter should know!

The Courses You Want!

The Courses You Want!

Twisted Clay will continue to add courses & content on the topics that are of greatest interest to Potter's of all skill levels!

I consider myself an experienced Potter, and I was surprised at the tips and tricks I picked up from watching the free fundamentals content! Ruthie does an amazing job conveying the information in a clear and concise manner!

John Doe

Twisted Clay Student

I love the fact that this course is geared towards beginners and that Ruthie covers everything from the basics to more advanced techniques! The instructor is friendly and engaging, and the production value of the videos is top-notch.

Jane Smith

Twisted Clay Alumni

I was able to quickly and easily sign up for the course, and the content was engaging and well-paced. I would highly recommend Twisted Clay to anyone who is interested in learning pottery!

Bob Johnson

Pottery Enthusiast

The pottery courses offered by Twisted Clay are simply amazing. I've learned so much about different techniques and styles, and I'm always excited to try out what I've learned in the studio!

Sarah Lee

Twisted Clay Fan

The instructors at Twisted Clay are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I was able to get a lot of one-on-one time with them during class, which really helped me to improve my technique and gain confidence in my skills.

Tom Wilson

Pottery Hobbyist