Easy to follow Instructions

Easy to follow Instructions

Twisted Clay Studio's Ruthie Schulz provides clear and detailed instruction that's easy to follow!

Free Lessons on the

Free Lessons on the "Basics" of Wheel Thrown Pottery

Our free content includes the "basics" that every Potter should know!

The Courses You Want!

The Courses You Want!

Twisted Clay will continue to add courses & content on the topics that are of greatest interest to Potter's of all skill levels!

About Ruthie Schulz

I am originally from Texas, but it was through the opportunity to travel internationally that I developed an interest in ceramics. My interest began while living in Valencia, Spain during my teenage years, and continued while I traveled in both Europe and South America for my work as an adult. It wasn't until I had the opportunity to stay at home with my two children in 2006, that I began my journey in ceramics at the Art House in McKinney, TX under the direction of Sona Knox. From the very first time I sat at the pottery wheel, I felt like I had found my calling.

Online Membership

There are two way to participate in Twisted Clay online courses. The first is to purchase each course individually for long term access. The second and perhaps more appealing option is to signup for a monthly membership that allows you to view all course material.

Welcome to Twisted Clay Pottery Studio

A place where artistic community grows with the common goal of learning to control this humble material called "clay". Students & Members of Twisted Clay not only find a rewarding outlet for their creative side, but also a community of friends that will join in the pursuit of mastering the potter's wheel.

Interview with Good Morning Texas

We had the amazing opportunity to invite Paige from Good Morning Texas to Twisted Clay! She did great at the wheel during our short time together.

Ruthie is a skilled teacher in not only how she instructs, but in how she plans her lessons. She develops lessons and projects based on systematic strategies of learning. Each lesson provides practice for the skills needed in the next lesson. She designs projects that apply what Vygotsky termed, zone of proximal development. The lessons are appropriate for what a student can do without assistance and what a student can do with guidance.


Twisted Clay Student

Ruthie has a way of teaching in class that makes it easy to understand. Her passion and personality comes across with every project and her ability to relay technique, problem solving and so many details about throwing a successful pot has transformed me from a “wanna be" to a potter. I was so excited when she started her online lessons with such functional pottery (dinnerware) that I couldn’t wait to get to the studio to try them out. Huge success with the bowls! The best part is I can watch as many times as I like to remind me of the steps and have the visual aids-So much FUN!

Dayle B.

Twisted Clay Student and Member

Having taken classes from Ruthie over the past 5 years I feel that my pottery skills, knowledge and form have improved beyond what I ever imagined. To begin, the instruction I have received has been informative, hands on and thorough from the beginning of a project to its final finished piece. I feel like each piece I have made has been treated like a masterpiece and it matters. The detail in Ruthie’s instruction is key to the success of each project and her ability to trouble shoot any challenge we might encounter along the way. I have also purchased her online dinner ware set course and have thrown many dinner wear sets for myself and family. Each time I sit down to throw a piece from the course I review her content and always learn something new. I believe that the course is why I’ve had success in making each piece of the dinner ware set and improving my skills and technique.

Kirsten Golly

Twisted Clay Student and Member

Course Collection

Take a peak at our full length courses. Each course covers throwing, trimming, troubleshooting material and of course glazing. Courses will include many projects we cover in our in studio classes such as bottles, berry bowls, lidded jars and much more!